When You Make a Mistake…

Like it or not, we’ve all made our share of mistakes. It’s what we do next that determines our success as a leader.


Image courtesy of Byrne Reese on Flickr

Early in my career, I made a big mistake with a volunteer. He had done some things which forced the Board chair to remove him from his post, and it was my job to implement this action. However, the way I chose to do it was publicly disrespectful of the many years of service this gentleman had provided my organization. He was so offended that he responded in public.

When confronted with the outrage of the offended volunteer and his friends, I doubled-down, got hot-headed and defensive, and started to further escalate the situation.

Thankfully, someone pulled me aside and said, “You may be in the right, but your attitude and approach are putting you in the wrong.”

What’s the Point of Personal Productivity?

I have a whole series of articles cooking in my head about personal productivity: how to go paperless, how to use an iPad to tame your to-do list, how to regain your sanity by cleaning up your office, and more. But before we tackle any of that, we need to address a critical question:


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What’s the point?