Can You See Where You’re Going?

Last week, I took a couple of much-needed days off from work. It’s been an outrageously busy couple of months, and I needed a little “me time.” On my list one morning was to fix the cloudy headlights on my 11-year-old car — they’ve been getting so cloudy that it’s reducing the amount of light cast on the road ahead of me.


Photo courtesy of Aftab Uzzaman on Flickr

As I sat in the driveway buffing my headlights, I asked myself, “Why has it taken me months to get to this? What was more important than seeing where I’m going?

An Enduring Mark on Richmond

John Bryan retired this week after more than five years as the founding president of CultureWorks here in Richmond. For those outside Richmond, CultureWorks is the champion for arts and culture in the Richmond region. John is a mentor to many and a friend to all. Despite decades of experience in nonprofit leadership, he has a naturally inquisitive spirit and a lasting commitment to continuous learning. He has left a truly enduring mark on Richmond — in more ways than one.


I recently sat down with John to talk about leadership, our community, his tattoo, and his thoughts as he retires from his position with CultureWorks.